Shampooing & Conditioning

Hello Hydration or Naked Shampoo & Conditioner By Herbal Essences
** If the hair is in its virgin state **

Wella Color Brilliance Shampoo & Conditioner
** If the hair has been chemically altered (rinse, dyed, or processed) **


Velvet Amplifier from Wella for styling by heat

Curly texture
Apply Silicon Mix Bambu Leave in conditioner after washing the hair extensions

For extended definition use a styling mousse to enhance curls


Strip Lash Care

Use the palm of your pointer finger to remove lashes from the corners

Half way through the lashes slight pull to remove lashes from the packaging

Hold both corners of the lashes and gently move them up & down to loosen the strip

Use tweezers to place lashes on the lid of your eye to measure

Use a thin mascara brush to apply a light layer of mascara to your real lashes.
*This helps for the lash removal to avoid tearing of your real lashes when taking them off*

DUO Adhesive Lash Glue for longer use of lashes

Using oil to remove the lashes. Place a small amount on the weft part of the lashes.
Soak for a few minutes then gently remove. Avoid getting oil on the mink lash itself to maintain the raspiness.

Gently dab a makeup wipe to clean lashes on both sides

Gently use a tweezer to remove Lash glue.
Be careful not to tug on the weft of the lashes

Keep lashes in packaging when not being used.